A full range of textile products for protection of aircraft structures and passengers from onboard detonations

FLY-BAG cabin BMU for containment of suspect IED in the cabin, addressing the Least Risk Bomb Location (LRBL) directive. Available in two sizes: standard (100 x 80 x 40 cm) and XL (200 x 100 x 60 cm).

FLY-BAG AKE ULD kit to readily convert standard ULDs into blast mitigating containers. Available as textile kit only, as kit + regular ULD or as kit + lightweight composite ULD. Currently available only for AKE containers. Custom orders possible for different sizes.

FLY-BAG PMC/P6P pallet cover similar in operation to thermal pallet covers, for transportation of potentially dangerous items. Compatible with standard PMC pallets. Requires a stabiliser rack.

FLY-BAG cargo hold liner for narrowbody aircraft substituting cargo restrain nets, providing blast protection against IEDs and dangerous items in loosely loaded luggage. Certified for installation in the A320 family. 

All FLY-BAG products act as fire retardants and have been tested according to FAR regulations.


See the BBC News coverage of our full scale blast tests:


The FLY-BAG products are the results of the efforts of the FLY-BAG2 European FP7 project, in turn stemming from previous project FLY-BAG. See the video documentary of FLY-BAG here: